Sense Photo Capture System – CuratorLive

Welcome to Curator Sense

Automatically snap photos of you and your guests without the hassle.

Snap photos automatically

Curator’s Sense system is designed to detect and snap photos of your guests at events or attractions. When someone enters the view of the camera, a photo will be taken automatically without having to interact with the software.

Create Custom Experiences

After your guest has snapped their photo, you then have the ability to pair this event with a Sharing Station so your guests can send their photos to themselves or their friends and family. Use this opportunity to customize your experiences with branding, digital props, or our MAGIC experience.


Make your event unique, with options to customize every aspect of the experience

Easy to Setup

Creating your first event is simple and fun. If you want us to walk you through set-up, we are here to help!

Share Options

Spread brand awareness and allow your customers to share their experience on social media.

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Slide Show

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Automatically snap guests photos as they interact with your experience.

Sharing Station

Allow guests to find their photos at a separate station than your photo booth.

No Strings Attached

Curator is absolutely free to try with all of our amazing features at your fingertips. Create an account today and download your first event to get started.