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Welcome to PixBooth

Using the Curator platform, you can now create your very own custom photo experiences that will keep your customer’s smiling.

Enterprise Use Only

Single Photo

A traditional photo style you can take, minus all of the bells and whistles.


Take consecutive photos back-to-back to string together, making a moving photo experience.


Similar to the GIF experience, snap photos consecutively to replay them back and forth.

Photo Layout

Use photo layouts to enhance your experience with print capabilities.

Digital Props

Leave your physical props behind by using our many digital assets to overlay on your guests faces.

Green Screen

Choose a background to place behind your guests as a digital backdrop using a green screen.


With our AI technology, you can now have the green screen experience without the green screen.


Change the overall feel of your photo experiences by transforming the look of your guests right on camera.

Built for Any Occasion

We work with Brands, Agencies, Retailers and Photographers to create interactive photo experiences. From multi-million dollar enterprises to entrepreneurs launching new endeavors, we are the platform of choice for businesses in over 180+ countries.

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Slide Show

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Sharing Station

Allow guests to find their photos at a separate station than your photo booth.

No Strings Attached

Curator is absolutely free to try with all of our amazing features at your fingertips. Create an account today and download your first event to get started.

Enterprise Use Only