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How to print with a wired connection using PixBooth.

The process listed below will allow your iPad to be hardwired to your computer which will also be connected to your printer. This will allow you to print with or without internet via this wired connection.

What you will need:

  • A PC or MAC that has an Ethernet port. If it doesn’t you can purchase a USB to Ethernet dongle
  • A Cat5 or Cat6 Ethernet cable. It can be any length. This is NOT a special cable. Its the one that is widely used.
  • USB to Ethernet adapter CLICK HERE
  • Lightning to USB3 Camera Adapter CLICK HERE

Once you have all the items above you will need to do the following in no particular order:

  1. Plug the USB3 Camera Adapter into your iPad.
  2. Plug the USB to Ethernet adapter into the camera adapter. You will also need to plug your power cord into this adapter as well.
  3. Plug the Ethernet cable into the iPad and the computer.
  4. Run the Curator print server and PixBooth and connect as you normally would. Once connected you will have a direct wired connection that does NOT rely on a wireless connection. CLICK HERE to download the Print Server

Thats it!…


Your iPad will use the Ethernet connection to send photos to be printed. It will still use a wireless connection to delivery the photos to Curator.

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